Hi babes! Here are some answers on our most frequently asked questions.


Q : Do you accept cancellations?

A : Yes, we do accept cancellations up to an hour after purchase. Please send us an email at info@goldenheartstationery.com and we will update you when it is cancelled!


Q : Do you ship internationally?

A : Yes, we do! For most destinations, tracking is also available at checkout. Please note that we aren't responsible for any taxes or duties that might be charged internationally.


Q : How long will it be until my order is shipped out?

A : It depends on the trafic - but the current processing times are on the top of the front page so you know exactly when yours will be shipped.


Q : Where is my product made?

A : Most products are handmade with love in the Golden Heart office (as you can see on Instagram and TikTok!).