Oopsie Packs

Oopsie Packs

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The "Oopsie Packs" are sticker sheets with slight imperfections that can't be sold at regular price. They still need as much if not more love than regular stickers! If little tiny imperfections don't phase you, this is be the product for you (bonus, they're heavily discounted!).

Each pack contains five sticker sheets and one die-cut single sticker. 

I am very picky when it comes to imperfections, so every single sheet has been inspected very carefully and if one thing is out of place, I put them in the imperfect packs. Be quick to get one before they're gone! The packs are always one-of-a-kind also, so every single one is unique.

4x6 sticker sheets, printed on various types of papers. (The pack might even include some foiled sticker sheets!)