Suncatcher Window Cling - Moon Milk

Suncatcher Window Cling - Moon Milk

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Moon Milk Carton Suncatcher Sticker 🌙🥛


These are static cling suncatchers 🌈 Once the light hits them directly, they cast beautiful rainbows across the room, so I would recommend either an east-facing or west-facing window for maximum effect! They can also prevent birds/people from hitting windows and glass doors :)

Application process for being able to move and reuse the suncatcher :
- Clean the window surface as much as possible and keep the cling as close to room temperature (cold weather reduces the cling's efficiency)
- Wet the surface with a glass cleaner/soap and water and put the suncatcher directly onto the slightly wet surface
- Squeeze the water out with something flat, like a credit card/phone protecter squeegee/something smooth
You can 100% keep the suncatcher backing paper to put it back in its envelope and reuse it every season!

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Happy rainbow catching! 🌈